Trying to restore a Roon backup on my reinstalled iMac - please help

My iMac went for a repair and was reinstalled. So I wanted to get Roon up and running again now I got the computer back and restored Roon from a backup. However, now I am told (twice) that the Roon core is already running on another computer and therefore I am not allowed to get my core up and running on my subscription.

That is so weird and it leaves me of course with no Roon core at all.

It basically says I am already signed in???

Okay, Sorry I got it to work!

And then I finally got the Roon core installed (from my back up) - but now all my Audio devices are gone? How do I retrieve them?

Your audio devices should just appear when they are connected to your core, or the same network. Which audio devices are you talking about specifically and how are they connected? It may be simple like restarting them

Thanks right now I tried to restart the computer. But Room seems to take forever to open. Is that normal? I don’t remember it takin several minutes before. But I have not tried the 1.8 version yet of course

I have an iMac with an i9 processor and 64 RAM - should it take minutes then to load the datebase - even if it has 3000 records?

This has now been going on for around five minutes

No it should not take that long. Quit it any see if you can open it again

Wait is Roon open and scanning your albums? or is Roon not opening?

It is opening up but does not go to the next phase and just show the Roon icon.

I have used the programme for 4 years now I think. So I do not understand this change?

Oh ok, yeah that is not right. I don’t understand the change either but it seems other people are having similar issues like here All Audio Devices Disappeared
but now if you can’t get Roon to even open then you have to work on that first. You mentioned you had a backup. Is that a backup of the Roon database from Roon, or is it a backup by time machine or something?

Back up here in Denmark! Thanks for your help AnimalOnDrums —

I still cannot really get Roon to start up. It takes more than 5 minutes and then I give up and try again but with no result…

So now Roon finally opened…but now I cannot log into Qobuz and even if I am logged into tidal - I cannot load the Tidal page in Room - then it tells me there is a network error…

Also when I scroll my albums - Roon seem clunky…

Okay go Qobuz sorted…now only Tidal is misbehaving

But Roon is slow and clunky…10 seconds to load an album??? This is really not good behavior for version 1.8.

Hey @rasmussenmorten,

Thanks for keeping us in the loop on how things unfolded - I am sorry about the hiccups. How are things now?

And a big apology for not getting back to you sooner. I can only thank @AnimalOnDrums for great interventions!

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