Trying to understand NAD as Roon device

Hi everyone

I am really enjoying using Roon. My current setup is Mac Mini ( Roon Core )->SimMoon DAC->NAD M17 ( pre-amp) ->NAD M27(Amp)-> Wilson Audio Sasha II. speakers.

I am considering upgrading my NAD M17 with the VM 300 4K video module which makes the M17 BluOS ready. NAD also sells NAD also sells a bluetooth and USB kit that can connect to the VM300 and I think then allows full use of BluOS streaming over Bluetooth etc.

I am not really interested in this BluOS app/features but want my M17/M27 to be a Roon end device and then I can remove the Moon DAC and stream over ethernet to the NAD.

I am finding the information on the NAD we site and not sure my assumptions are correct. I would appreciate if anyone can advice the following

  • I only need to add the VM 300 MDC module to my M17 in order to allow Roon to see this as a end point or do I also need to install the additional BluOS β€˜kit’

Thanks to all.


Hi Allan,
You will need the BluOS upgrade kit.
NAD support is very helpful end replies promptly to your queries. :grinning:

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