TS 451+ and RoonServer on USB Stick?

Dear guys,

I did a quick search but could not find any reasonable topic… I have following situation:

Im having 72k of musicfiles on my TS451+. i have an external SSD Drive plugged on the backside USB3 Plug used for the RoonServer, which works perfectly fine.

My Question is now: can i change the SSD Drive with an USBStick ( i got a SanDisk Ultra Fit 64 GB FlashDrive USB 3.1) which would save some space against the external ssd drive.

If so, what are the steps to transfer the actual running RoonServer to the USB Stick?

Thanks a lot for any help…

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Usb sticks are very very slow compared to a Usb ssd drive. I would recommend you don’t change what you have.

And USB sticks have no fault tolerance.

They typically don’t have great multiple write specs either, as they are designed for single put and place use not frequent use like a database will submit them to.


I noticed the other day that you can get SSD’s now that are USB sticks. More expensive but would get you the space saving you need with better performance.

The USB stick, which was mentioned in the initial post, is for sure not one of those and I’d consider this one a bad choice, due to bad performance.

If it is a real SSD in the formfactor of a USB stick, there should be no issue.
I also found some of these, like the TREKSTOR i.Gear SSD-Stick.

As these USB SSD sticks are not as tiny as the regular flash drives, I’d prefer (for myself) to choose one with a small cable. Chances are lower, that someone will bump into the usb stick by accident, which might cause filesystem issues or even damage the stick or USB port. (Something like the Verbatim Vx500 would be my choice then.)

In any case, Roonserver and its database install only on the main drive, AFAIK.
No choice to move it,

On QNAP you can select the database storage location in a web interface of the Roon Server app. This can also be a USB connected drive.
Roon Server itself and all other QNAP apps can only be installed on internal volumes.

Dear guys,

THanks a lot for the many replies. i dod not know those details about USB Stick restricitions. Its clear for me now, USB Stick is not an option unless i find a reasonable SSD Stick.

Sometimes i think too simple… :slight_smile:

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