Tube Headphone Amp Running In

I have gathered from reading a lot that stuff benefits from playing as they sound better after a playing a while.

I have a new tube amp, what I really really really like is that it has bass, mid and treble knobs on it. So much better that faffing about with &%^%^& EQs .

Anyway, I have left Roon just playing my tracks, volume low so it can’t be heard, headphones plugged in obviously.

Can I run in like this? If so, how long ought I leave it playing?

I would say until it sounds good to you.

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Not for too long, because from a certain point on you’ll be wearing out your tubes…

Joking aside, I’d just “run it in” listening to music, anything else is audio nervosa, waste of electricity and tube life time.


Thank you both kindly. Will turn off.