Tubular Bells 50th Anniversary

Here we have an article from Flare Audio featuring sound engineer Simon Allen.

At the Little Rabbit Barn music venue, Simon is often to be found controlling the sound, we are blessed beyond belief as the results are always amazing…


Mike Oldfield is one of my 3 favorite musicians. The other 2 being Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis.

My dad had a CD with a cover of the whole Tubular Bells album. And I’ve listened to it many times before I’ve bought Mike’s original version. Now owning the original, the 1975 Orchestral version, the 2003 edition and both Tubular Bells 2 and 3 albums, I’m looking forward to this one.

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Playing the 75 Orchestral version right now on a promo white label vinyl copy.


50 years!!! Man am I old! :astonished:

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Here it is folks, soon to be released. I saw the actual CD, Vinyl etc last night when Simon Allen did the sound for our latest gig at Little Rabbit Barn. Kate Ellis opening for the force of nature that is Mim Grey.

Simon with Brian Blessed…