Tuning/tweaking my new Roon/Bluesound/Meridian system

This post is a bit similar to one I posted in the MQA section, but as that is a limited section, and I have had limited traffic (though one very nice post), I thought I would try a second post here. Mods, if you wish to move or combine my other thread with this one, please do. Thank you.

I am new to Roon. Finishing up a 30 day trial and will be signing up for a subscription. I am just now replacing all my SONOS stuff with Bluesound, and one Meridian Explorer 2 I have.


Main room:
2012 Mac Mini with 8 gig ram, 2T SSD - Roon Core
- Meridian Explorer2 USB from Mac Mini > PS Audio 6.1 preamp > Hafler Amp > Dahlquist m907 speakers.

I currently have a Node 2i also feeding this system and will be deciding between the two feeds to my main system.

Living Room/Deck (background listening only): Bluesound Node 2 > Harman/Kardon 570i receiver > Realistic Minimus 7 speakers for living room, A/D/S speakers hanging covered for deck/patio on only when someone is out there.

Upstairs Secondary System: Will be a Node 2i (not yet purchased if I keep the other 2i in the main system, if I use the Meridian, that 2i will move upstairs > NAD 7000 > Dahlquist DQM 5 speakers.

Bedroom: Bluesound Pulse P300

Wife’s office: Bluesound Pulse Flex

Here are screenshots of the device set up screens, currently set for default modes. I left the second Node and speaker off as they were the same.

I do have tone controls activated in Bluesound, and have increased in all units both bass and treble as I had read that was good to do, and it seemed to be nice. Equal increase in the Nodes, in the Pulse speakers, treble is increased more than bass, as I find the speakers to be a tad bass heavy for my taste, though clearly immediately better than the corresponding prior SONOS speakers.

I am enjoying the sound better than my similar prior SONOS setup (with connects and 1/3/5 speakers) immediately. I find more detail and better space in all the units.

The Meridian seems a little flat and forward as compared to the 2i, and shows up with more volume when I group it with the 2i and swap back and forth between feeds. Not sure really which set up will stay here. I may try running the Node 2 and then the Node 2i, with the Meridian acting as the DAC and see what I think about that. All an experiment I suppose.

I am not super technical on this stuff, and do not understand the DSP features of Roon, and how best to set all the settings both in Roon and BlueSound OS to get best results, and would love some suggestions to try, realizing of course that in the end, my ears will be the determining factor.

I listen to a broad range of music, with emphasis on jazz (more midcentury and classic than modern) and rock/alt rock/grunge/indie, etc., and my wife’s “adult contemporary” such as Norah Jones, Lyle Lovett, Bonnie Raitt, Natalie Merchant, etc. I tend to favor clarity over bass heavyness, and don’t favor sibilant or harsh sounding cymbals, etc. If that makes sense at all. I don’t consider myself a true audiophile who knows all the specs and graphs, but I do enjoy good sound and am a little picky about that, even with my limited knowledge.

So, would love your input! Thank you!

Sun Valley, Idaho

PS, really enjoying the Roon features and experience, and I will primarily use that app to control things. My wife uses Spotify Premium and Pandora, and will likely use those apps where her Pulse Flex primarily. I may use Spotify Premium from time to time, if I want a certain playlist for background listening that I have not made, or cannot get in Tidal. I also have a fairly large library of ripped CD music on my Mac Mini, but I find I am not using it that much right now.

Friendly bump to see if anyone has any hints for me, or can point me in a direction towards a guide of some kind. Thanks!

That is something I would never do. Just leave them flat where they are and only tweak adjust for more treble or base as required. Just turning everything up to max achieves nothing. If it sounded best Bluesound would probably set it there.
Do not play with DSP at this stage if you are not familiar as you have every chance of making it worse.
My advice, for what it’s worth, is to set tone controls flat (except for minor tweaks) Leave DSP alone (for now) Roon will configure your end points automatically, so just live with the system and enjoy the music for a while.
Only then, and when you are familiar would I delve into DSP If I wasn’t happy with the sound.
Just because it’s there does not means you have to use it.

Thanks Chris. I didn’t mean I cranked them up to max. Just increased a little, and relative to each room. For example, the treble is increased more on both Pulse speakers as I like that balance of tones more. But maybe I will put everything back down to flat and just adjust treble up on those Pulse units as needed.

I always think Flat is a good start and then, over time, tweak from that point.

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