Turn a 33k track Focus result into a Playlist?

What’s the best way to turn a large Focus result into a Roon Playlist? I’ve got an “all Tracks excluding Classical” saved Focus result (~30k tracks), but when I add it to the Queue, it chops it down to ~5k, so I can’t save the whole Focus result into a Playlist from the Queue. Any other methods I’m missing?

Why not just use the saved Focus result? I’d like to use it as my default Playlist when using the Nuimo controller via rooExtend, which can’t access saved Focus results, but only saved Playlists.

Click or long press the first track in the Focus. Then select “Select All” from the 1-selected drop down at the top left of the screen. The click the 3 dot icon at the top of the screen and select Add to Playlist or Add to Tag.

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Worked! Thanks, Greg! I would never have come up with that on my own.

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I should point out that I haven’t tried this with that large of playlist and I’m not sure if there’s a size limit for playlists or tags.

Took Roon a few seconds to digest it, but it seems to have worked fine for my 37k track playlist. :slight_smile:

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There is a size limit for Queues, however. And that is 5k-ish. So, if you play that Playlist, or shuffle it, the queue will still be limited.

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Yup, I’m still trying to get a handle on how to shuffle and not get the same 5k tracks each time.

seriously can you really remember the tracks of a 5000 long playlist even if you heard a few of them 2x a day or even 2x in a week? thats probably 20,000 hours (average 4 mins a track)

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You could also make a bookmark
of that focused list and then you would just need to hit “shuffle” from the drop down.

I can’t even get my head round why anyone would WANT a 37k track long playlist.
Just me I guess…

Yup, I normally do that, but using a bookmark doesn’t work if you’re using a Nuimo controller, because as it can only see playlists.

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@AceRimmer think of it this way – don’t you ever want to set your whole library to shuffle, like your own personal radio station? I normally do this via Focus and bookmark, but Nuimo needs a playlist, so I gotta make a playlist…

Not in the slightest to be honest…
The only shuffle feature I am interested in is a whole album shuffle feature…but that has been requested many times here and consistently completely ignored by Roon so I guess thats never going to happen.

I know this is probably not exactly what you are looking for, but, if you turn “shuffle” on in the queue:

Then hit “Play now” on an album, it adds the whole album to the queue with the album shuffled.

I know, not the same as hitting the drop down and telling it to shuffle the album and play it now., but it works.

Not really…lol.
I just would like to see a random album shuffle simply because I have forgotten most of what I have and to get a jukebox style album pick out of my collection would be fantabulous.:sunglasses:.

The shuffle for tracks does at least dig out some forgotten stuff but then I need manually select the album myself if I am interested enough too.

ah, now I think I see what your are looking for, I think I misunderstood the goal. I think you are looking for a way to shuffle full albums, as in all songs on an album get played and shuffle all the albums in the library? right? hadn’t thought of that.

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It has been a feature request previously numerous times but always overlooked.
I mean even discogs can manage this simple task and I do use it if stuck for an idea of what vinyl to play.

I can’t imagine it would be difficult at all to achieve the same for Roon library!

It’s really not rocket science…lol.

But enough, did not mean to hijack this thread with my cheese and whine😇


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