Turn off autoplay (Roon Radio)?

I’m new to Roon and Qobuz. If I listen to a CD on Qobuz, when the CD finishes it automatically starts playing another CD (seems like a random different artist but related content).

How do I turn this off?

I’ve been pouring through the settings but can’t find anyway of disabling autoplay. When a CD I’ve chosen comes to the end I want the music to stop.


Hi Neil,

Welcome to the Forum and to Roon !

The function you are referring to is called ‘Roon Radio’ which plays related content picked by Valence (Roon’s benevolent AI) after an album or queue has finished (whether local or streaming).

Roon Radio is on by default for each zone, but can be turned off on the Queue screen for the zone as described below:

Internet radio stations are known as ‘Live Radio’ in case you were wondering.

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Ok got it. Thanks!


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