Turn off recommendations from streaming portals

Is there a way to turn off the “commercial advertisement” machine that always suggests music when Roon (1.8) is connected a streaming portal e.g. to Qobuz? If that were possible, Qobuz etc would get a new subscriber.

I would also like the possibility to shut down the whole recommendation engine from time to time, like a do not disturb function. An option to move it to a place where I have to go actively would be even better or at least not constantly directly in my face. As it is now I’m getting annoyed a little too often by what feels like an aggressive sales method of the recommendations everywhere. I only loose contact with my own music because of it, the balance has tipped a little bit to the wrong side for me.

Thanks for describing the issue much clearer. My reason is the same. In fact, I cancelled my last streaming subscription with Qobuz, because I couldn’t bear anymore the permanent molesting with “recommendations” that were wrong anway. So it woul even be a service for those portals if their commercials could be stopped for a while.

I dread the idea that you pay a lot of money for this nice piece of software, just to be flooded with commercials.

The fact that I don’ get a solution suggested indicates that costumer molestation is part of their business model.

I don’t think it’s part of their business model, I don’t think they get paid for it. I think they really do believe in their product, which is a good thing, and they really think they provide you the best service with these tools for exploring new music. I on the other hand think they have gone a step too far in it, or at least made it too prominent up to a point where it becomes a little annoying.