Turn off the Roon Radio panel in Queue display

A lot of screen real estate is used for the Roon Radio panel on the right side of the Queue page, plus it increases crowding without providing any functionality when Roon radio is turned off. Could this panel be eliminated, at least when Roon radio is off? One could use the space for displaying more information about the tracks in the queue (for example, composer, number of plays, …).


Furthermore, why isn’t the “switch” for Roon Radio in settings? It’s OK if you want to duplicate it on the queue page though., Every time I install a client I have to play something to turn it off.

I would love to hide this panel as well! I normally love radio functions such as Pandora, Spotify and Google Play Music, but Roon Radio is not my cup of tea at all. Bummer as it’s my player of choice, hopefully it improves over time.


I agree, this radio popup in the playlist queue is REALLY annoying. Can this be suppressed?

Has the Radio popup on the Playlist Queue been fixed, so it can be excluded? if so, I can’t figure out how to do so? Or are the Roon creator’s love affair with the Radio feature still in full bloom?!? If yes, then just get a room for you and the Radio, have at it and keep your users out of it!

As previously mentioned (see below), defaulting to Radio is senseless and now this frigging pop-up! I’m sure some users like the Radio feature – great! But, I don’t use the Radio, I don’t want to use the Radio, but yeah, guys I get it some designer/programmer gets off by forcing paid users to recognize something in a manner that is ANNOYING!

Here’s a clue, we users like to “drive” what we purchased. We know Radio is available without you ADVERTISING it!!! Let us decide to use it vs forcing us to turn it off! when it magically intrudes on our silence. Moreover, do the same with the screen stealing Playlist Queue crap. Let us either Globally or Locally turn OFF and ON the friggring Radio pop-up!!

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Oct '17

The pesky Radio Default appears to still be “On” with no way to permanently and globally toggle it Off. Ok, I get it, there is a Radio Function built into ROON, yea, now I want to shut it “Off” until – in the unlikely chance – I ever need or want it!

If the Global Radio Off feature has been implemented, where might the Global “Off” switch be found?

No it hasn’t.

another voice for turning off roon radio. I am on a trial subscription and am very happy so far with the exception of roon radio. if I wanted music to play automatically when a selection ends I’d listen to pandora or spotify or radio paradise. it is counter-intuitive that it plays automatically and requires half a dozen clicks in a well hidden area, per zone, to keep it for auto-playing. FIX THIS PLEASE.

I thought I had already added my voice to requesting the option to remove this egregious waste of screen space, but evidently I missed this thread.

At least let it be minimisable to a narrow edge bar instead of 20% or more of the screen area.