Turn off Tidal/Qobuz streaming for one endpoint

I would like my son to have access to the music library but I would not want him to stream from Tidal as it would probably disconnect me if I were to be listening at the same time.
So turning off streaming to that device means it could only see the local files

In your original post you had mentioned that this was specifically for ARC. Just wondering if you intentionally broadened your request or just forgot to mention ARC here

Are you bring disconnected or is a “probably” theoretical?

Oh my bad this was meant for ARC, but I guess it could apply to the regular application too.

I have not tried but ImTidal limits to one user at a time. Is this not an issue with arc?
I haven’t tested because I took for granted it wouldn’t work

I never used more than one simultaneous zone but, thinking about it, the multiroom feature with different music playing in different zones would be quite useless if it didn’t work with Tidal?

I also haven’t used more than one zone but I figured it was an issue especially with arc since I would be streaming from multiple ip addresses as opposed to one ip at home. But I know using the tidal app that I can’t have two devices streaming at the same time.

Seems that at least within regular Roon it works?

@Francis_Vermette and it seems it does with ARC as well:

You may not be able to see this post because it was in the older, closed ARC earlyaccess testing area, so a screenshot:

Thanks for the info!
I guess we can stream to multiple end points at the same time using Tidal. Good news