Turn off upgrade nagging after migrating to Legacy 1.8? [Solved: Currently in earlyaccess testing]

I know that updates can be set to ‘Ask before downloading’ but as one who has elected to remain with the legacy version until the dust settles regarding the always on internet requirement I’d like to know if I can completely disable the nagging pop-up when I launch Roon Remote.

My concern is that someone in my household using whatever device for Remote will click OK, perhaps unintentionally, and update the Core as well as their Remote.

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I thought that Legacy does not nag?

I think OP is on 1.8 not 1.8 legacy.

Downloaded Legacy installers from Roon. This is what I have.

On the 1.8 Legacy App on the iPhone:

I haven’t seen it so far, but looks legit to me. Weird, but i don’t know if expected

How weird. That is one of the reasons to move to 1.8 Legacy.

Hi @BCBC ,

I checked your account and it looks like you’re seeing this message because you were part of our earlyaccess program. We’re working on a guide and will release documentation on how to migrate off of earlyaccess when it’s ready.


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