Turn Roon Radio's 'limit to library' setting into a user preference

Unless I am mistaken, Roon Radio’s ‘Library files only’ setting is a system-wide preference. However, I’d like this setting to be user-specific.

What have you tried?
I just played one track to my main rig and set the queue to play local files only.
Played a different track to my shop system and set the queue to play local and streaming.
Logged in under my wife’s profile and played to my laptop set to play local files only.
They all worked as I expected. Is there something different you are looking for?

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Okay, so this setting is a queue-specific (i.e sound device specific) setting, not a user setting. Am I getting this right ?
The trouble of that is when several users play on the same device. Their preference gets stored in the queue, and so for instance if I don’t like to listen to music that is not in my library, but another user has changed the device setting, I get to inherit from his/her preference…
I’d rather think that this setting should not be a device-specific setting but a user-specific one.

It’s more complicated than that. And in some ways simpler.
Overall, what Roon Radio feeds to the endpoint (device) is determined by:

  1. The seed track, artist, genre. i.e. what is in the queue at that endpoint.
  2. The users library, play history, and some other factors that characterize your music personality.
  3. Roon’s algorithm, which for the most part you really don’t influence that much.

So with your library (what you own), your play history (your profile), and what you just finished playing, Roon Radio will feed songs that it thinks you’ll like. If you are walking around your mansion playing things at each of twenty different endpoints (each with it’s own queue), it will do the same thing, play music it thinks you’ll like at that endpoint based on the last song played there.

It’s true that if you are sharing Roon with four other people in your house, they all share the same library and will have their own play histories. If everyone is using the same profile, you are right, it will be a mish-mash. You might be able to use separate profiles to have separate play histories, but I’m not sure how this might influence Roon with a shared library.

But the ‘device’ specificity is transient, only affected by the last song played there. It really is more about the user.