Turning a Vortexbox into a headless Roon core

I have a Vortexbox Mini that I would like to use as a headless Roon core/server so I can free my laptop. I’m really not sure of the spec but it is an Aleutia PC. I am by no means a Linux expert but am not overly anxious about trying. How would I go about setting this up please?


Without knowing spec it’s impossible to tell. I suspect it may do the job as a RoonBridge but is probably lacking sufficient grunt to host RoonServer. If it’s not 64 bit hardware then if won’t work at all.

Look at the vortexbox forum for help logging into vortexbox using ssh and then follow the Linux installation instructions for headless server or roonbridge … it’ll wither work or it won’t. If it works you may or may not be happy with performance.

You need to be on Vortexbox 2.4 which is 64bit older versions are 32bit.
I just installed 2.4 on a Intel NUC and the only dependency missing was cifs-utils. Which was solved by:

dnf -y install cifs-utils

Thanks for this. Having ssh’ into Vortexbox I have found it to have only 1gb memory. It is a newer Aleutia machine. I wondered if anybody new whether I could up the Ram and , if so, what is the maximum I could install in this machine?

Hi all,

Just an update and an ‘I’m pleased with myself, smarty pants being a Noob’ kind of post’. Finally got around to installing Roon Server on my Vortexbox Mini using Linux install. I first updated the Vortexbox to the newer 2.4 version and installed missing and relevant dependencies. I then installed Roon Server. After Updating LMS and the Touch as well as EDO and then stopping the Squeezeboxserver I was able to get it going. I’m now playing Gaz Coombes Toreador Album(Great by the way). There’s the slightest of lags compared with the Server installed on Windows but very happy that it works and frees my laptop! I’ll update the RAM shortly.
Thanks for help.