Turning an Android Box into a Roon Endpoint

For anyone still looking for a solution


So this is another OS on top of Android ? As Android doesn’t do bitperfect in Roon.

It’s another OS entirely it doesn’t sit on top of Android, you can install it to an sd card to keep your Android installation intact in case you ever need to switch back

The tutorial made by Malindra works perfectly. I have a Minix Neo X8-H that I bought back in 2014 and it was sitting in a drawer for a couple of years collecting dust. I’ve installed LibreElec on it, running Kodi outside Android. It allows bit perfect output, in all resolutions up to 24/192 from Kodi. But, Kodi isn’t Roon of course. And I don’t want my TV on all the time.

A few months back I tried Malindra’s tutorial but I got stuck on the last step. Only today I saw that someone found a solution for that, simply renaming a file, and now my good old Minix is a Roon endpoint! I connected it to Chord Dave through the optical cable supplied by Chord and the sound quality of the little Minix is very, very good. I have a top end streamer and the Minix plays surprisingly well in comparison. So good I may sell the top end streamer.

There is one flaw however. An annoying one. When playing DSD content, or when playing 24/176.4 content, my Chord locks on 24/44.1 and the music plays sssssssllllloooowwwww… what causes this? All other resolutions, like 24/88.2, 24/96, 24/192 play fine. Only 24/176.4 and that is the frequency my DSD albums transcode to by Roon (as the Minix does 24/192 max). Is there a fix to that?