Turning off "By This Artist" view [Ticket In]

I am apologizing in advance as this is more of a “how do I” versus reporting an issue, so I did not think the template on the specifics of my installation was germane to the discussion.

I have a very large Grateful Dead collection consisting of almost 1500 shows (albums). When I load a show and I am in album view mode, along the right hand side of the track listing there is a “By This Artist” frame which lists what I assume are all of the shows by the Grateful Dead. When I load this view on an iPad Mini, and to a certain extent my Mac Book Pro, enough resources are consumed with loading and managing the view that interaction with it is very sluggish. I do not have the problem on an iPhone as it does not load that view.

My question is can I turn off this view, or otherwise increase performance? The interface works fine with any other artist from either a local collection, or a Tidal collection. It is just to the sheer size of my Grateful Dead library

You’re probably one of the first users touching the performance limit of this feature. :slight_smile:

But it’s one more good argument to do something here. Roon should cap the number of albums it lists - or at least page the view somehow and not load everything. It gets rather silly after 30 or so albums already, usually the main viewing area is long out of tracks to show so it’s a big empty space in the centre of the viewport and a small column - with 1000+ albums it must be like endless scrolling…

u_gee, thank you for the perfect understanding. As I said above, I think it lists all albums. I have not had the patience to scroll to the bottom to find out. It is a long list with an awful lot of white space where the track listing was.

Grateful Dead fans have unique problems in a few areas of the app right now, including the artist page. We’ve heard these reports of performance issues and we’re taking them under consideration as we work on updated designs for these screens. Unfortunately the current implementation did not anticipate 1500 albums for a single artist :man_facepalming:

There’s no way to turn this off right now, but we shouldn’t be trying to load 1500 albums on that page. @ivan can you pass me a ticket to make sure we cap the number of albums?

Thanks Seth!

Mike, thank you for looking into this. Appreciating how unique my library is, I am generally very pleased with the way that Roon handles it.


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