Turning off recommendations

Is there a way to turn off or hide ‘Recommendations for you’ on the Album screen?

I’d prefer not to have it there, partly because it bumps down the ‘By this artist’ section which is far more relevant, but mainly because it’s contents are rarely closely related to the viewed album and are usually comically (or crassly) unrelated. Even if it worked better, I’d prefer to have the option of getting rid of some of this unwanted clutter (I’ve long felt the same about Roon Radio: it should be displayed optionally).

I’ve found a perverse workaround, which is to try to prevent Roon from identifying albums: unidentified albums seem to be free from ‘Recommendations for you’! But surely there should be a better way of opting out of this?

There is aleady a feature request for this. Would you like me to add this post to that?

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Thanks BrianW. Yes please do that. I’m sorry I didn’t find the existing request before I posted.

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Done. I’ll close this thread now.