Turning off ROCK automatically off and in the morning on?

I am thinking about changing my NAS to a ROCK. The energy consumption of my nas is with 20 Watt not very low.

Is it possible to switch the NUC with the ROCK Software automatically off and in the morning on?

No I don’t think so. But you will get 10 people telling you to leave you core running and that energy consumption is very low.
I turn my NUC off at night and turn it on again when I use it. Using the Wake on Lan app and the Rock web interface.

If you want this functionality you need to use something other than ROCK.

Turning on daily at a specific time can be set up in BIOS, although I’m not sure if the NUC supports that. Then, on Windows, you can turn it off with a scheduled task. If Rock is Linux based and if Linux supports something similar, then it should be possible.

No, ROCK does not allow access at this level to set this up. Linux + Roon Server yes, but not ROCK.

Then just use Linux or Windows. I don’t believe in ‘optimized’ OS’s anyway; there’s enough computing power these days to go with a ‘regular’ one and run whatever you want on in, in addition to the core.


I find they use less memory which is nice when running such things in a VM. But, otherwise, yes.

You can power it off using a web link (eg, http://rock.local/1/poweroff ), and power it back up with a “wake on lan” app.

I use Tweaking4All.com - miniWOL v2 - Quick and Easy Wake On LAN Utility
And/or (on ipad): ‎Mocha WOL on the App Store


Could you elaborate how to do this, please, for the less tech-savvy among us? I’d really like this to save any electricity costs I can right now.

It’s all In the post above, you can turn it off by opening the web link in a browser, and turn it back on using a „wake on lan“ app.

Power off, bookmark this: http://rock.local/1/poweroff

If you don’t see a page with “success”, replace rock.local with your Nucleus/NUC ip address.

Configuring a WOL app is a bit more tricky, you will need to enter both IP and MAC addresses. To find the MAC address, ping it from a PC cm/s prompt, then type “arp -a” and find it in the list.

This functionality should really be built in, but the feature request is not attracting any traction.

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I’d be interested in how much you save by turning the NUC off for the time when it would be idle anyway…

Check back after a month of this stratagem and compare your bills, with no other factors changed.

$2, $3, maybe? The cost of leaving a 20 watt bulb burning?

We’ll, mines idle for probably 60%-80% of the day. My NUC consumes ~20 watts, and electricity is 36 cents/kw hour in Germany, so you do save a few bob by turning it off. Yes, like a filament light bulb, but it depends where it is.

With Roon moving more and more online, the old argument about leaving it on for background metadata updates is perhaps not as important as it was?

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Easily calculated.

Power use in Watts x Hours ÷ 1000 = Used power in kWh
Multiply by your price per kWh

So yes, assuming 20 Watts, 10 hours off time every night for 30 days, and 0.31 euros per kWh (what I pay IIRC) = 1.86 euros

I am not seeing Roon moving the metadata database online, where is this from?

Does your supplier have the concept of non-peak rates? If so, the savings are even less.

Don’t know where @ScreenMachine lives, but in upstate NY electric rates are .053 cents per kWh. So based on your calculations my savings would be about 40 cents.

Thanks, I think I can handle the power off part with no further help. The WOL app, though… I don’t have a PC, will that command to find the MAC address work on Mac OS somewhere? Is there also a way to find the IP address of the ROCK?


Log into your router software, the MAC address will be listed there.




Electricity approx. 28p/KWh here currently (plus standing charges) and doubling every 6-months or so at the moment, so every little bit helps.

For the first time, I’m turning my whole system off at the mains when not in use overnight and most of the day when I’m out at work.

At those rates, the difference in cost just for the NUC alone while not in use for roughtly 23hrs/day would be approx -
5.5W (idle) = £45.54/yr
0.3W (standby) = £2.48/yr

That’s significant enough for me to bother cost-wise, not to mention environmentally every tiny thing for millions of people all adding up…

Thanks, I’ll have a go tonight!

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