Turning on and off Roon radio

I would like to know how, when listening to a tune, I can simply turn the radio on and off.

Go to the Queue screen (staff icon in the footer)
Toggle for Radio is on the far right

Sorry, must be a dummy.
Cannot locate any of this.
But thanks,

Staff icon in the footer?

If you mean the window that displays radio, I have that. Rather a window that allows me to invoke radio or turn it off, is there one?

I think Andy meant the musical stave icon at the bottom, you need to be playing some music then go to the cue and the radio toggle icon is on the right hand side

Hello Nick,
Nothing to toggle on the right hand side…It is so odd to me.
How can I turn Radio, off or on?

Is radio active at the moment

If radio is active and picking music there should be a panel at the right side of the queue screen with the next piece of music to be played in it, there is a cross at the top right to clear the panel and the radio toggle is hidden behind it.

View Queue from the music staff or stave in the footer

Toggle Radio on and off using the switch in the right panel

If you just want Radio to stop playing, hit the pause button in the play controls. Turn it off from selecting another song using the above toggle.