Turning Roon off from my ipad

How do you turn roon off from your ipad? – Never seem to go down even when I do an ipad shut down

Do you mean the iPad app or the core?

Both way are needed

My Core is on a NAS device. I can stop ROON by going Into the NAS interface. I occasionally give Roon a restart if Ram is getting saturated. I leave the NAS on all the time with ROON running for instant access. Surely that’s the point?
I do turn the NAS off if I go away on a break or holiday.

The core is meant to be running all the time. If you do wish to stop the application then you would need to use the mechanism built into the operating system you are using.
For the iPad app you stop that just like any other app on the iPad. I double tap the home button then dismiss the apps I want to kill.

What do you mean by “turn off Roon”? Roon isn’t a machine, so doesn’t really get turned off does it? My core is running Roon ROCK, and there is a great means to shut it down remotely using the Web interface, but on an ipad, Roon is just an app that I presume is closed like any other app, but it’s not turning anything “off”.