Turntable for roon nucleus

I know there is no turntable output with Roon but I’m wondering if there is a relatively easy way to get it into the system so I can use multiple speaker pairs from different manufacturers via Roon. Right now, if I attach it to a BlueNode, I can get it to stream through and control this via Roon, but, even when acting as paired to my wireless Naim speakers, they don’t recognize any signal at all. My hope is to put a turntable somewhere else and running it through a dac connected to an Audioengine W2 (which does Work when using a single source like BlueNode), but have roon bring all the speaker pairs together. Or just a way to have Roon bring the speaker pairs together with it plugged in somehow.

If you look in the tinkering section for a Roon Extension called entrypoints. It’s plugin for Roon that you run on a computer such as a raspberry pi, add a soundcard that has an ADC and you can feed in analogue signal. It streams it as a lossles flac radio stream that you add to Roon. Viola multiroom Vinyl playback.

Thanks. I’ll look into that. Any idea why a turntable plugged into the bluesound node would play through and be controlled via roon Nucleus but it won’t play through the Naim speakers as well, even though the zone is still there and and it acts as if all is fine. If I switch to tidal the full zone works

I think I now understand the issue. Was being a little dense. Would a turntable plugged through a preamp with hdmi connected to toon work?

I don’t believe your preamp will do the conversion from analog in to digital HDMI out.

I have not used EntryPoints, but from the description, I would guess you can get up to 16/192 as a FLAC radio station that will play out in Roon. The combination I used, IceCast and BUTT (yes, that is the software’s name), together did that. Perhaps EntryPoints has simplified the use of those separate software items. In my case, there was about 5-7 seconds of latency between needle drop and playback sound.

Nowadays, I use HQPlayer which allows me to upscale vinyl playback to DSD512 with convolution filters to make the vinyl sound better in my listening room. Latency is less than a second.

But, in any of these cases, you need a device — the ADC— to convert the analog vinyl to digital for processing in Roon. As I noted above, I am unaware of any conventional preamp that can do that. I’m sure someone on the forum here can point you to an rpi4-compatible ADC. In my system, I use a Benchmark ADC1 whose digital output runs into a Lynx AES16e soundcard in my music server.

I have used this ADC in the past (but not its built in phono preamp) and it worked well:

I hope you succeed. Cheers. JCR

That’s interesting. Could it run directly into the roon via the USB?

Unfortunately not. Roon has no direct input, only streaming from your local files, Tidal, Qobuz and radio stations. The only workaround is to create your own ‘radio station’ with the vinyl stream. Entrypoints does this for you. A little bit of tinkering is required, but it is not difficult I think.

As mentioned, Roon has no official way of having signal coming IN to Roon. All the suggestions made, are work arounds using 3rd party software. In the end, it boils down to

  1. setup an Internet Radio that you feed your content into, and then set it up as a Internet Radio Station in Roon.


  1. Use the Entrypoints Extension. But, to run Extensions you need to set them up on a different computer to host the Extensions ( as you are running a Nucleus).

Thank you. If I’d been smart (or more flush) I guess I could have bought some sort of Naim streamer and run it through my Parasound amp, and just pushed all the wired speakers in the room through it, while picking up the two wireless Naim muso 2 speakers through its own connectivity.

NAD M10 simplified my life

I think I’d have to use a Naim so I could pick up those two speakers in the zone. If I just had everything wired I’d have no issue but it bugs me I can’t easily grab them all as a zone to play a turntable through. Of course, maybe I should be happy I can play everything else via Roon that way but…

When it comes to playing vinyl and somehow implementing it into Roon? Please elaborate.

I recorded it so it’s all on hard drive at 24/96.
I also play it on a turntable but obviously that’s not through Roon.

Ah ok. I also have the M10 and thought you’ve somehow miraculously discovered a way to make it work with your turntable and Roon. The only thing I can do through Roon/M10 is control its volume :slight_smile: