TV and RoPieee, aka multi input DAC Options?


I am exploring Roon and like it so far. It has been a long time since I have been able to enjoy my owned music, Roon makes it seem less by supporting the various Google Home/Nest devices strewn around my home. I am now looking at setting up two more modest but capable audio systems for office and living room. One challenge is that I’d like to be able to handle TV sound also. Each room I am talking about has a recent TV with analog headphone output, but more importantly Toslink is present also. I am looking at running RoPieeeXL as Roon endpoint and to allow use of Spotify or YouTube Music also. So now to the question:

Are there any good options to handle TV Toslink and RoPieee unto a single speaker pair?

Since I don’t have a rPi Hat or DAC yet, all reasonable priced options are on the table. Some thoughts would be NAD 3020 which does input switching, Topping D30 (no clue if it’s any good)… any ideas very welcome!