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Good Morning Roon-guys! This is my first thread so i’m hopefully doing everything correct :grimacing:.
I just started using roon because my CXN V2 arrived yesterday. Currently I’m trying to configure my roon Core on my Synology DS920+ before using my streamer.
I have meticulously organized and maintained all album metadata after ripping the CDs for the last 10 years, so a mistake at the metadata level is virtually impossible.

But some Artists do have a different Name than inside the Album view. And i cannot explain myself where the name is coming from, especially because i set the properties to collect the artist metadata to file. And i checked the file with mp3tag and there the name “Anders Ulrich” is not visable.

Here you can see the “artist view”:

And if i am “opening” Anders Ulrich this Album is shown (And the correct Artist is: Natalia M. King):

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

Local file.

Screenshot of import settings

Here you can see where the setting says: Collecting the information of the metadata of the file:

But the interesting fact is, if i am opening the editing of the album itself it says (in this case another album) prefer roon, although i set the properties to metadata of :

Description of the issue

So therefore, why is the editor of the artists set to prefere roon, whereby the properties tell me prefere file metadata?

And how is it possible that the name of the artist is correct in the album view but not inside the artist view?


There is no “Prefer” property for the artist objects in the import settings. They can’t be loaded from file and therefore are always retrieved from “Roon”.

Thanks for the reply! But how is it still possible to have two artists?

Because Anders Ulrich is credited as primary artist, alongside Anthony Honnet, Natalia King and Natalia M. King in Roon’s primary metadata source (TiVo/Rovi).

Note: Import settings “Prefer …” options are not (always) exclusive. If additional information is available from the non-preferred data source, this information may be merged in. Read also: Metadata Model

Is there no way around this? Only if I change it manually by hand in the artist editor? Or can I also set roon to get ONLY the metadata from the file?

This is especially annoying, when i for example do have 1 album.
In my library (on my HDD) i do have 1 album from The Duke Robillard Band. In my metadaty of this album the artist is The Duke Robillard Band. But roon shows me for the same album this in my artists:

Screenshot 2021-12-16 181434

I therefore have to change artist names manually or merge them manually?! And all my metadata in the file itself is already “correct”?!

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