Two automatic backups - will it work?

I have just added an external SSD to my ROCK, and this way I can make a daily backup very quickly. But for increased security, I also set up a backup every four days to the NAS, just for the case that the SSD will not work when needed, or perhaps break without me noticing.

But now I am wondering: As the backup seems to be incremental, will it be incremental from what is already in the specific backup, or will it be related to what was last backed up - meaning, in other words, if the two backups will both be complete, or if there will something in one backup and some other things in the other backup?

I hope that the question is understandable :slight_smile:

Each backup location is independent.


As many as you have different independent locations for, I run 4 backups…

Mine are staggered a day apart, say I add more music in-between the time frame of these backups it will not be reflected in the earliest one, until it makes another backup, mine are set for every 4 days.


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