Two bands with the same name issue

I do have tracks from 2 different bands with the same name. A german band named Bullfrog and a band from Italy with the same name.


The German band is on a compilation album while I have a CD from the second one.

I figured out that the link on the compilation album points to the band from Italy. So, I switched that “primary artist” off and set up a new one.

The result of this is very strange as shown below.

The same track now points to both bands.

Any idea how I can rid of the “wrong” link?

I have lost count of how many instances of this I have in my library. It’s been reported many times over the past 18 months or so and is a reproducible bug. Good luck getting it sorted.

There are many other other examples posted by others across the forum

Thanks for your reply and pointing me to other issues like that. Although, what surprises me is the fact that I deselected the one primary artist and it still shows up in the list. Two tickmarks and I would understand it, but like this?

Have you checked the credits in the album edits as well as the track edits? The other bulldog may be lurking in there too.

Hi Brian,

yes, as it is a compilation it would appear as an artist for all others as well if they would be listed anywhere else.


I’ve experienced the same with other artists where Roon either creates a rogue artist object with the same name or misallocates to another like named artist. Once Roon gets itself into this state I’ve found no way of undoing it, and on the rare occasion I’ve managed to correct it Room has subsequently undone it some time later to return to its initial status quo.

Yes, that is what experienced a lot of times in the past with other entries I did. Although roon states that it does not change manual overwritten entries, it is defintely not true, because it does.

Hi @Ralf_Karpa,

Is the compilation album that is exhibiting this issue identified? Can you share a screenshot of the album page?

Hi Dylan, sorry, was a bit busy…

Yes, the compilation is identified. Here’s the screenshot of the compilation. Let me know if you need anything else.

Thanks for the details, @Ralf_Karpa.

Would you mind sending this album to us? You can share it in a private message via a shared Dropbox link or any other file sharing service link.