Two cases of wrong metadata

So, recently the band Lasten Hautausmaa released their third album titled III and track number six has a wrong title in Roon. In Roon it is called “Junassa” when the correct title would be “Karhupuisto”. Also track eight should be “Maan äiti” and not “Äiti maa”.

That page lists the vinyl tracks. CD has offset of one, since the intro to the first song is a separate track.

And something that has been bothering me for a while now…
Anna von Hausswolff released an live album Källan (Prototype) some years ago:

Since then she also released a different take of the same song on a live album called Källan (Betatype):

For some reason Roon is pretty convinced that they are both called Källan (Prototype), even though they are not.

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Hi @Janne_Johansson. I’ve taken a look at these issues.

For the album III, it seems that the download from the band’s own Bandcamp page has a different track listing to yours, and this is the one which is reflected in Roon’s metadata, which are coming from MusicBrainz. I note that there are a couple of outstanding edits (though I don’t think that they will solve your problem). It’s possible that the person who entered the CD metadata got it wrong; I don’t know.

Rovi is aware of the album, but has not populated the tracks yet; hopefully they will soon.


With regard to Källan, again, we only have full metadata for Prototype. However, album level (with no track info) metadata is available if you do a manual identification.

Sorry I can’t be of further help at this time.

Good call with the Bandcamp page. I complained about the issue to the band via Bandcamp. I’m not sure which one is wrong, but the covers are in line with DIscogs:

Looking at the Bandcamp page I noticed that the second song also has a typo.

Too bad about Källan. I guess it’s not popular enough yet, even though it totally should be :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway.

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Lasten Hautausmaa was pretty fast in fixing the bandcamp metadata. I assume track 2 was just a typo, track eight is something that’s easy to get confused about and from what they told me, track six was a working title. So now I assume getting the changes to Roon will happen eventually, so yay.