Two clicks to play a track?


Call me pedantic, or forgive me if I’m doing something wrong, but do I have to click twice to play a track? Each time I select a track play, I click on it, then another screen pops up asking me if I want to Play Now / Start Radio / Add to Queue etc.

Is there a way to just click on a track and play it? The above gets a bit annoying when surfing through for something to play.



That’s what they call a Pawmasher. I don’t know if it can be disabled but you need it to build a queue or you would keep jumping tracks mid track. Somthing I personaly hate doing as my system sounds so good, I feel I am insulting the artist interrupting them. Thoughts.

Hi, others have commented on this have a read of Track playback ‘issues’ topic in with @mike explains the concept of the 'pawmasher".


How will you distinguish whether you want to:-

scrub all playlist and play this track NOW vs
add this next vs
add this to the end of all the stuff I have already added to the playlist ?

Unless you put those options from the paw-masher alongside each track you will only ever keep 1/3 of the use case users happy. Screen real estate will then be the challenge.

That’s why the pawmasher is there I think.

I guess we all listen to music differently. If I was using a tablet and just playing music in the background, then the paw-masher might work for me, but when on a laptop and actively sifting through tracks / organising music / building playlists, the extra screen really gets in the way. I’m near the end of my two week trial and this has been really bugging me as I try an organise music for travel and for a party. It would be good to have the option to switch this off, but I accept I may be in the minority with this request.

Roon’s a great music player and discovery tool, but I find it a bit cumbersome for managing one’s library. I hope they can work on this because I really want to ditch iTunes!

I just replied in the “pawmasher” thread here.

In short, one solution is to have a clickable icon in the status bar which denotes your playback mode. The modes would be “Play now”, “Play next”, “Add to queue”, “Radio”, and “Bring up the pawmasher” (which should be the default). Clicking on the icon cycles it through these modes.

This is unashamedly stolen from the Squeezebox world and it works, and it works for everyone’s different use cases. Why reinvent the wheel?


I saw it @VirusKiller and have liked & replied, similar to above comment. :smile:

Your suggestion of different ‘modes’ is good. One for ‘library management’ (eg. instant playback, drag and drop to a tree of playlists, metadata editing, tagging, viewing more than 14 tracks on a page) would be very helpful for me. I will add this in the relevant forum.

Add the option for the user to define what the + button does by default.

  1. Default (what it does now)
    (The following are instant actions)
  2. Add to currently playing playlist.
  3. Play select track now.
  4. Add visible tracks (album) to currently playing play list.
  5. Play all visible tracks (album) now.

Of course the button icon might have to change based on the above choice to make it obvious that the button will do.

I must say I like the pawmasher in Roon.
I’ve used the ‘squeezebox\ipeng’ style a lot in the past, but it gets annoying to change the main switch between adding to queue and next when building out a queue and I;ve found on regular occasions that I wiped the queue because I forgot the general setting.

On a tablet the pawmasher is very natural and worth the extra click IMHO. On a pc it is indeed a little less friendly (somehow that tab on the tablet is easier than moving that mouse).


JRiver also has this feature. An icon that brings up a choice of how you want your default “play” feature.You pick your default and it works that way until you change it. I don’t see any reason why Roon can’t have a feature that LMS and JRiver have.
I personally prefer “play all immediately” in most cases - that’s why I’m hitting play. I don’t like needing that second screen and click every time I hit play.

+1 for an option to change standard clicking behaviour

I’m used to my way (continue album from the track I click on) and it just feels weird to me if I have to additionally click something else each time.

Just for balance…

I’m used to my way (don’t continue album from the track I click on) and it just feels fine to me…

No objection to choice mind provided it does not degrade the user experience for those that like it as it is.

Choice would mean good user experience for everyone.

Right now it’s fine for the subset of users that does it your way, which is great. Have a simple option and everybody can have that ‘fine feeling’.