Two composers with names spelled precisely the same way

How can this exist in the database? I mean I understand how frequently a composer will end up in an artist field but how can, when you do a global search on Camille - how can you come up with two Camille Saint-Saens as illustrated on the attached jpeg?

And how do I correct this? Because some albums are split among the two “different” composers.

I think they are from two different metadata sources (ROVI and another).

@jeremiah may be able to merge them at the Roon end.

Yep, our matching algorithm didn’t pick these up as equivalent for some reason. I’ll fix it manually.

This kind of change takes a week or two to roll out and get propagated down to your client.

Have a similar problem with 3 versions of Handel. Is there a way I can get to one ‘George Frideric Handel’ ?

3 Versions and none of if gets the name correct. It’s a shame.
The man’s name is ‘Georg Friedrich Händel’.

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That is indeed probably his correct name but since he apparently preferred the English version himself, I’m perfectly fine with that. (different discussion :slight_smile: