Two copies shown as single album

I have more than one copy (different masterings) of some albums in my library. Many of them show up as a single album with duplicate tracks. How do I split them?

When I click Fix Track Grouping only one set of tracks are shown.

The albums are in the same folder on disk, since they have the same album title (iTunes does that automatically, of course).

I use a tag editor and append [version info] to the album name (I also have them in different folders).

Roon will pickup what’s between the brackets.

I considered that, but I don’t like the idea of having the album name being different than the actual album name. I’d much rather simply have two copies with the same name. I know room can do this because it has frequently split albums that I did not want to split, and given them the same name.

Room does not include what’s between the brackets as part of the album name.

If you don’t wish to use a tag editor, then you could add the version info in Roon’s editor.

How are they stored on disk? Different folder for each edition?

Ah sorry - I missed this. If you fix this, I bet the problem fixes itself.

If you have a bunch of sequentially numbered files in a folder that all have the same album tag, Roon is going to consider this to be an album. Additionally, if you have duplicate detection turned on and all the tracks have the track title tags, they’re going to be hidden.

Fix Track Grouping should be able to handle this better so I’m going to look into this, but for now I think you’re better off making the folder structure and tags sensible on disk.

I was not aware of that feature. Thanks!

Thanks for the explanation Mike. I don’t think I’ll make the change for now, because I don’t want to mess about with the folders while I continue to need to use both iTunes and Roon. Once Roon provides me a way to access my music on my phone, I can finally drop iTunes and let Roon completely manage my library.

I must be doing something wrong. When I add [something in brackets] it is shown in the album view as part of the title. Also, I don’t see any way to change the album name for individual tracks, so that I can split the album up.