Two cores, identical setup. one core missing albums

**both Windows 10 64 bit lenovo thinkpad X1C (Core A is X1C gen 6, Core B is older gen X1C4). Roon build 1.7 build 537 (64bit)

**Both cores connected via ethernet LAN 400 mbps

Core A has local storage where music is stored
Core B has a USB drive where music is stored

I am using Vise Versa Pro to keep all my folders and drives in perfect sync between Core A and Core B. I sync hard drives over the network sometimes, other times directly connect USB drive to Core A and move files that way. There doesn’t seem to be any correlation between transferring files over the network vs directly connecting the drive to move over.

Core A shows 2,560 albums
Core B shows 2,507 albums

All missing files are shown in skipped files as I/O failures. Files are mostly FLAC files, some split w Cue splitter but some not. I have reinstalled Roon on Core B several times and reloaded app, but the same albums are missing. For example, if Artist 1 has a folder with 6 albums on the USB drive attached to Core B, 5 albums might be missing from Core B, but 1 album is available. Core A shows all 6 albums.

The only discernable difference between the two Cores is Core A is local storage and Core B is USB storage as well as the prior generation machines. Any help you can provide. I have two licenses of ROON, so this should be totally seamless.

Hi @Eric_Esfahanian and welcome to the forum.

As a test, you can disable your local storage location on Core A, connect the external USB storage and create a new watched folder for it to see if Core A can see all the albums on the USB drive. If yes, then it’s related to the machine running the respective core. If no, then it’s related to the storage for some reason.

The drive might be failing / dying. There might be problems with the file system.

Ok will try that and report back. Thanks for the help.

OK, I plugged the USB drive from Core B into the Core A machine and disabled the local storage for Core A. It discovered all the files no problem and there were zero I/O failure skipped files.

So the USB storage seems good for Core B. Does this point to the ROON installation itself on Core B? Is there a way to totally deinstall Roon and all files from Core B computer and then start from scratch?

UPDate. Deinstalled and reinstalled from scratch, and CORE B still misses the same files and skips for the same reasons I/O failure. I am mystified.

Then I used a different PC entirely, deactivated CORE B and installed Roon on that one and it was missing the same albums for the same reason. It seems like something related to settings of CORE B that follow the instance wherever its installed. Can anyone suggest an alternate solution?

Could the fact that I am maintaining two cores have anything to do with it? What about files that were CUE split? anything?

As all file access is handled by the OS and it’s drivers AFAIK and the external drive can be read by Core A faultless, it may be that this is not Roon’s fault. You should concentrate on differences in your hard and software between Core A and B and list them here.

Lenovo model no. of Core A and B, Brand and model no. of the external USB drive, are the windows versions on the same update?, are all drivers current?, is there any antivirus / security software installed on Core B but not Core A?, does the USB drive come with a power plug and do you use it?, do you connect the drive the same way on both cores or is a hub or different hubs in use and if so Brand and model no.?, … Things like that. I’m out of ideas without additional information but I’m also just another user and not official @support.

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Will do that and report back. Thanks for taking the time.

Upd. I deleted and recopied the offending albums to the USB and Now all of a well. Thanks for everyone’s help.

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