Two different ITZYs are seen as the same ITZY

Content you’re reporting an issue with

ITZY is being bundled together with another artist called “Itzy”.
You can see it if you go to ITZY discography for instance. The difficulty is that some ITZY albums are labeled with album artist “Itzy” even though it is ITZY. Confusing? A bit :slight_smile:

Here’s ITZY:

Note the green circle album which is the correct artist, even though it’s album artist is “Itzy” without full capital letters.

Here are the incorrect albums, marked in red (again, note the greens which is correct):

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?


Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

It’s separated as 2 different artists in TIDAL.

Screenshot of import settings

Description of the issue

Itzy shouldn’t be the same artist as ITZY.

Hey @user185,

Welcome to the Roon Community, we’re happy to have you.

We appreciate the heads up here. Unfortunately it looks like the streaming service is reporting both artists as the same ITZY even though they’re separating the releases. Our metadata is recognizing the duplicated artist ids and combining these releases.

We’ll take a look and see what can be done. Please understand that corrections of this kind are addressed as system wide fixes, we don’t make prescriptive adjustments on a case by case basis. Please continue to bring these discoveries to our attention. Thanks

Thank you for your reply! I understand.
Should I contact Tidal in this case to file a support case with them?

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