Two "dumb" questions to get started with Roon

Roon Core Machine

SGC Sonictransporter (linux) which also contains the music files

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Router - Netgear Orbi Wifi with wired connections to Sonic Transporter and Desktop Windows 10 PC which is running Roon
Orbi is being run as a WAP with a wire connection to an ATT BGw210 router that provides the connection to the internet

Connected Audio Devices

Running Control Software on Windows 10 Desktop (CPU=i5) - Ethernet Wired Connection (through Orbi) to Sonictransporter
Endpoint is Bluesound Node 2i with a Cambridge Audio CXN and Sonos Beam speaker to be added soon all connected thru wifi (orbi)

Library Size

Approx 300Gb of Music (around 100 CD’s - flac)

Description of Issue

These are not a problem yet, just hoping to get some guidance on these issues to help me get started quicker. I’m sure the answers are somewhere in your documentation.

  1. 2 of my endpoints are Roon ready devices with their own control software (Bluesound Node 2 and Cambridge Audio CXN v2). When I use them as Roon endpoints, do I stop running their software and only use the Roon App for music selection and playback.
  2. The third endpoint is a Sonos Beam. What’s the process to connect to it? It did not appear in the menu when I initially setup run. I can see its IP address from my PC. Is there a separate process to connect to all the endpoints?

I can only speak with certitude for the Node: as a software, you can keep using both (Roon and BluOS Controler), Roon is just another input in the Node. For example, you can open the BluOS Controler app, select Radio Paradise and click play, then open Roon and send some music to your Node, it will just automatically switch to Roon. The go back to the BluOS Controller, select something from Qobuz and click play, it will automatically switch to that. And so on. So in shorter words both application can coexist and run simultaneous. I hope this helps.

Thanks. That helps. Then both apps can co-exist or I can just use Roon if all I am going to play are my stored tracks and Tidal.

That just leaves the question of how to connect to my Sonos Beam which is connected to the network via Wifi.

I haven’t spent much time yet on Roon but I assume I can simultaneously send music to multiple endpoints if I want to play a song throughout the house.

Welcome to the forums. There are no dumb questions!

I only use Roon for playing local tracks and streaming Tidal to my Lumin T2 - I just use the Lumin app for upgrading firmware or changing any settings. Sonos devices will show up as Roon endpoints. Yes, you can send to multiple endpoints simultaneously - I hardly ever use that so I am not up on whether there are any limitations to that.

The Sonos will just be found in the initial setup, you will just have to enable it in the Settings->Audio option.
Hopefully you have the Orbi wired to the to the music zones as that gives you the best possible throughout

Edit just remember an item from the Roon Networking best practices guide

Netgear Orbi Routers

If you’re making use of an Orbi router, we recommend unchecking Disable IGMP Proxying in your router’s settings. This setting can interfere with the ability for Roon Remotes to connect to the Roon Core.

You can find the document here

Rumor has it that’s one thing Roon is very good at. So the short answer it’s yes, but i believe (i don’t use that personally) that the endpoints need to be in the same “league” (can’t pair a Chromecast endpoint with a roon ready or airplay one for example), but i may be wrong.

I did not see where Disable IGMP Proxying was in my Orbi Settings. It may not be applicable because I am using it in the AP mode. My internet settings are blanked out because it is in AP mode and I did not see it in the wireless settings.

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You may need to go through the Sonos setup on the Sonos app again or else you may need to update the Sonos firmware on your Beam. If the Beam is set up properly it should show up in Roon and you can enable it using Sonos streaming protocol.

Yes. Once I went into Settings the Sonos was there to be selected. What doesn’t seem to be possible is the play the same thing into the Sonos as to the Bluesound as they are in two different categories or to play multiple tunes simultaneously into the different endpoints. Still Roon was easier to setup than setup than setting up the file shares for the Bluesound app.

Blas the not being able to play to different protocols at the same time is frustrating but understandable given that there would be sync issues etc.
Glad to hear you got it all working though

You can play them in sync together if the endpoints use the same streaming protocol. Most endpoints offer more then one form of connectivity. Roon Ready is the preferred one for the Bluesound, but it also supports Airplay from Roon to. Sonos supports Sonos streaming it’s own protocol or Airplay.

Roon handily allows you to add the same endpoint using multiple protocols so you can add the BS as Roon Ready and Airplay. Same goes for the Sonos but with Sonos streaming and Airplay. Just make sure you name one differently to distinguish it. You can then pair the two Airplay entires as a group for sync play. You might need to play with the sync delay to get them more aligned but it will work. You can then use the native inputs for single zone use.

If you don’t see the devices advertising as Airplay as well then the setting Mike mentioned about IGMP may be the cause as it’s stopping the multicast discovery from working on your wireless network.


I can only speak for the CXN to fill in the gaps from @occasionallyhere

The StreamMagic app will still function and talk to the CXN normally. The app will not “see” Roon so any Roon => CXN is controlled through Roon/iOS app etc.

What you will see via the StreamMagic is

  • Any uPNP/DLNA servers on your network (JRiver in my case)
  • Internet Radio stations (duplicating Roon off course)
  • Locally attached USB Drives
  • The embedded or loaded apps for Tidal, Deezer, Spotify etc
  • The CXN will still respond to Tidal Connect (and I think Spotify Connect - I haven’t tried it)
  • It will also show artwork transmitted from Roon both on the CXN screen and in StreamMagic

Bottom line your CXN remains its own “Mission Control” plus exists in Roon’s control as well

The only point I would make is that the CXN wireless dongle is a bit iffy especially on Hi Res so I cannot over recommend an ethernet connection to the CXN

Anything else , do shout

Best of all worlds Go For It