Two feature requests - Apple remote, play album after song


I just renewed by Roon subscription. And I wonder if I can ask for two new features.

  1. Make it easier to “start playing this album from this song.” I rarely want to hear only one song. Usually what I want is to play the album, but starting from that song. So if pick track 6, Roon plays 6, 7, 8, then 1-5 let’s say. But Roon’s default is to play just the one song and then Radio might take over, but it doesn’t continue playing the album. With a little patience and a few extra clicks there is “play from here” but I’d just like an easier way to play the album starting from the selected song. It would mirror the experience we had with LP’s or even CD’s, so it would be a pretty natural user experience. This could be done from the full-screen menu of play now, play next, play end of queue, play album from here or maybe a system-wide option related to Roon radio (Roon Radio plays rest of album first vs. Roon Radio plays after selected song.)

  2. Support for Apple remote. I know this has been discussed in the forum. But it would be so nice if we could use the remote to manage simple track navigation/skipping and pause/play. Unlocking my phone/iPad, loading the Roon app, waiting for it to connect, isn’t in line with the otherwise superb user experience offered by Roon.

Thank you


I agree with you Scott. I too would prefer that once “Play Album” is selected, that I can jump to a song further down the list and after it is over, the next song follows. I hate when the radio just takes over.



Yes, this would be a nice improvement.