Two Focus feature requests

It would be very nice if Focus could apply to Radio. Mostly, I would want to be able to exclude parts of the collection from Radio, say MP3s or Christmas albums, or music by a certain composer.


I love that I can focus on Tidal albums and export them to a spreadsheet. We all know that every streaming service will eventually shut down. I see the greatest value of Roon is that it provides continuity to the music collection experience as playback hardware and streaming services come and go. That’s huge. Think about it. What if you had to reorganize your record collection every time your bought a new tonearm? Roon is taking the frustration out of digital music. Thank you.

Anyway, if I could Focus on my Tidal artists, I could back up and migrate that information as well. I have over a thousand artists favorited in Tidal (and Beats before that and Mog before that and Lala before that.) I don’t necessarily have an album favorited for each one.