Two/Four-legged acoustical treatments (post your critters!) [2024]

Bindy the old bin-dog has morphed into a Beaver


My comment was going to be how come you have a beaver in your living room, but clearly you already saw it :grin:


Puppies from these two, Branka and Theo in about 4 weeks. This photof of Theo is a few months old. He is just 1 win away from being a Champion now. In uk this means beating 50-80 other dogs of same breed and sex.



The lady in the photo above of m ine, holding Theo, is the tope breeder of Schauzers. She has won in every b reed she has been interested in. She is now an all round judge, qualified to judge each breed and BIS.

Dexter is former Grand Champion, but he is now approaching 12. One of his relatives just took best of breed I am told. Bottomline: he is such a nice boy.

Are you in yhe USA? If so the GC title is new and is better thought of as it is just so easy to make a dog a champion over there. Dogs get made champions that would go to pet homes here. I amnot boasting cos I am a Brit. We hve the best dogs in the world becaus we have the hardest cmpettiton in the world. When I was showing Whintye and she bacame the top winner for 2009 she was beatng up to 180 dogs od both sexe for Best of Breeed. If a breed only has a handful shonw, as in the UDSA, it would not have championship status. The con tinent and Ausralia and in fact the rest of the world just doesn’t have the numbers and therefore the compettiton is weak. I am am proud to say that Whintey’s gggGrnason is the top winning Lhasa Apso of all time, breaking a 40+ year record. But in the end they are just dogs and loved pets who loive in our houae now now I don’t show the exat same eway they did when I was shwoing. They have lways been pets first. I didn’t show dogs who would have become champions but they didn’t like the show scene. It is cruel imo to show a dog that doens’t enjoy it. Plus it is very hard to show a dog to success that doesn’t strutt it’s stuff. Dogs that don’t and still win do so because of the led holder and the judge’s lack of integrity. It is guttun g whne you have superb dogs that hate showing but for me the love of the dog comes first. Also, like the way you probaly got yours, I have rehomed dogs and people have been critical but the dogs are always ahppier bein g one of two dogs rathwr than one of 10!

It’s a hard life being a cat at Chateau Rimmer…



Alfred is now around 10 weeks old and a healthy 1.38kg (3lb) up from 380g-ish (13.5 oz) when we found him at 4 weeks of age.

He is learning at a fearsome rate and being a complete pain in the arse to the other cats at Wongaburra, who have all handed him multiple instances of well-deserved percussive discipline. He is also a constant menace to curtains and bedding covers.

We are glad we are maintaining the bench-crate for him for overnight and when we go out for a short while. It’s good to know we won’t come back to a scene of destruction or a summoning of multiple demons. It’s also good for his safety; although the occasional rogue thought of whether I am so concerned about that does fleeting barge into my thoughts only to disappear even quicker when I see that face.

Today he learned of boxes by following Madge’s example…


The ubiquitous cat traps😁