Two houses and one membership?

I split time between two homes , Can I have a Mac in each place acting as a core , so separate networks , With only one membership?

The short answer is yes. Exactly how depends on whether you would anticipate running the two cores simultaneously. If you would never use the 2 at the same time, it’s quite simple to transfer your license back and forth per this knowledge base article. If you anticipate having both running simultaneously, you would need 2 licenses.

In terms of syncing databases across the 2 cores, things are a bit more complicated. I’ll allow others to weigh in here. I simply made a copy of my music files and database that I then pointed my second core to and don’t stress about them not being in sync. I listen at work and at home, play counts are separate, etc, and that’s fine with me. I get to listen to music in both places via Roon and that’s what’s important to me. Let us know how/what you do, cheers!

If you’re not too worried about play history, etc., then you could set-up the 2nd place with the same music and install via back-up your playlists, favourites, etc.

Won’t be ideal, but will have same music, playlists, favourites, etc. to start with, then if you want to keep everything fully in-sync once in a while do an up-date via back-up of main system to refresh the 2nd place (or just don’t bother).

As Kevin said above as long as not using at same time then ok according to KB article he linked.

I am switching between cores on 2 different PC’s at the moment for different areas of the house because of patchy internet.

One core is on the main desktop pc and the 2nd is on a tablet hybrid. I just authorise/deauthorise as required.

I have copies of my music set up on each, not ideal from an efficiency perspective, but it’s a workable compromise and keeps hard backups active rather than static on a shelf, thus prolonging their lifespan.

As has been mentioned, this routine/setup is fine if you’re not bothered too much about having different playlists and histories, tagging, bookmarking and such (which I am not), on each setup. Otherwise you’re obliged to do a full back up/restore when you migrate from each location.

Currently at my second home. I have a NAS in each place which back up music and Roon back-ups to each other.

To make sure there’s no conflict between back-ups the main music folder in my main location backs up to the main music folder in the second location. If I add music in the second location I add it to a second separate music folder that backs up to a similar second folder on the first NAS.

Once the second back-up has occurred I then move the music from the second folder to the main music folder in the first location and remotely delete it in the second location to ensure my music locations don’t get too out of hand.

I leave the two NUCs on permanently, and find that when I authorise the second Core it has already rescanned newly added music without it needing to have been authorised to do so.

Hope this makes sense.


Sounds a bit complicated (initially), but once set-up what a great way to sync between 2 seperate Cores, enabling swapping at will :+1: