Two instances of HQPlayer?

my setup is as follows:

study room
Roon Core + HQPlayer on same pc
USB to dac

SOtM 200ultraneo as NAA

How do I get Roon and HQPlayer to stream upsampled music via USB in my study room, and also stream to the SOtM NAA at the same time?

SFAIK HQP can only stream to one output at a time. You can send one stream to a Roon/HQP Zone for the NAA and another to the Output in your study room via a Roon Zone. Maybe upsample in the study in Roon if you wish.

Not tested myself but Miska once responded to me that one could run 2 different instances ( i.e. 2 different licenses) of HQplayerembedded on 1 Server.
If that would be of eventual interest to you, you can test it with an extra testlicense.
Of course, you would only be able to use ‘lighter’ filters in HQplayer, taling into account the load of every HQP instance.

Thanks for chiming in, guys.

I’m able to open two instances of HQplayer, one with the study dac as an endpoint and the other pointing to the Sotm naa.

But as @andybob mentioned, I can’t get roon to output to both instances of hqplayer simultaneously. It will recognize one hqplayer instance, but not able to “locate” the other.

I’m thinking, to get it to work the way I want, I need hqplayer running on two PCs and have roon “see” one as localhost and the other directed to the ip address of the other pc running hqplayer.

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