Two Machines, One Roon

Hi, I am new to Roon but have successfully set up 1.8 to play.

However, I move between a PC and laptop to select and control music.

How can I integrate Roon between two computers without having to set up Roon every time (scan drives and integrate with streaming services) when I move from one machine to another?



Hi Alex,

The 2 PC’s need to be connected to the same wifi or Lan (Local Area network).

You will have to set one up as the Roon core. This will be the brain of Roon and this PC will have to be on for Roon to work. On the other PC you can install the application but do not set it up as the core.

Now you will be able from either one of them to play music on both the 2 PC’s.

You will have to select the audio output in the right bottom corner and then select the music you want to play.

You can change the names of the outputs so that it’s more clear which one is which.

Hope this helps a little bit?

Kind regards,

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Thanks, yes this helps - Roon wasn’t connecting because the other machine was in sleep mode.

Glad I could help! Have a wonderful day ahead.

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