Two macs act as they are the same roon remote. Can't configure independently

  1. I bought a new Mac Mini to replace an old one and used a Time Machine backup to setup the new machine.
  2. Later, I decided to use the old Mac Mini in my new Den. They have essentially the same files.
  3. Both machines show up as the same remote to Roon. When I edit the settings on one, the other gets changed too.
  4. I deleted the local databases on both by deleting the room folders in the Library folder and upgraded to 1.3 hoping that would help. It didn’t.
  5. Using setup on other remotes, the two machines show up as two distinct remotes and I can setup the audio systems on each properly.
    But on the two identical machines I can’t use setup for the audio as both machines show all the audio ports of the two machines as being local to the machine I’m currently at.

How can I correct this problem? It is cached references to the machines in my Roon Core server (synology)?

Can you rename one of the Mac Minis in the Preferences section?

Delete the .rmembid file in your home directory on the new mac, then restart Roon Remote.

It was renamed, didn’t help.

Will give that a shot. Thanks!

Is this documented anywhere?

That worked. This was driving me nuts. I looked everywhere to find where that was cached. Didn’t look right under my nose.