Two outputs from one Rasberry Pi?


My current setup is a Rasberry Pi4 (Roopieee XL) with USB output to Chord Qutest. Is it possible to add an audio HAT(eg HiFiBerry DAC2 HD) and have output from that and the USB at the same time ? I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that you can do this (it’ll appear as two Roon endpoints) but can’t find much about it now that I’m thinking about doing it.

Using a hat and USB at the same time works fine.

if it was possible, what would be the reason? Just to test which output offered better sound quality? Or is it that you can send the second signal to a different system in the house?

Just curious.

I know in Ropieee/XL you can enable/disable USB out, but once I attached the Pi2AES HAT, I disabled it, as I didn’t need it. (And assumed it would be better to not have the signal/noise/whatever flowing through both the USB section and the HAT. But what do I know?)

Let us know what you discover!

I have a RPi that uses USB output, but also has a HiFiBerry DAC HAT. I have USB enabled in Ropieee. If I also go and select the HiFiBerry DAC as “Audio HAT”, the USB output stops working. So for me, 2 simultaneous outputs do not work.

Thanks. You can switch the USB input on and off though I guess ?

I want to try this since I’ve been using the Qutest / RPi4 as a Roon enpoint, but it’s with a cheap Marantz amp and seems a bit of an overkill. If I do the side by side comparison I can decide whether to move the Qutest to the main system where it’s really better suited.

That’s weird. This is with Roon?

Yes, with Roon. I assumed that was normal behavior? I take it, it’s not.
Let me go back and try it again.

OK, turns out it does work. I guess I just ran into a glitch the 1st time I tried it.