Two pi's on stable differnet versions?

Hi @spockfish is there any reason why two different pi3 are on a different version of the stable branch? None of the other pis are showing that there is an update.

I’ve had the odd Roopiee endpoint get dysfunctional over updates, it just never happens. Sometimes a reflash is the only way…

Is 4.019 the latest build then? The one on 4.019 keeps stopping working and drops off and won’t be seen by other Ropieees or Roon, but is on the network. So I guess this one needs love.

Good question and no is the right answer, it’s still 4.017 according to the changelog RoPieee | Changelog

Looks like that’s the Pi that’s gone wrong. It’s also running distinctly hot, I’d go from scratch on it I think.

Probably you set the rpi on beta channel, it went to last beta 4.019, then you reverted it to stable channel.
In this case it shows 4.019 stable

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It’s in a speaker enclosure as it’s one I made into a wireless speaker so the temp is normal for it, it’s under max operating temp.

I think that might be it as one update borked 5ghz wireless so I had to try using the beta for a a bit. Reflash is likely then which is a pain for this one as it’s built inside a speaker.

Fair enough, it’s sometimes a sign that there’s a loop or something using clock cycles and generating heat. Sound like you know where you’re at with them, environment makes a big diff to temps…

Yep it does seem to be a bit more than usual though, the other pi3 is also in a speaker and at 55 but is in my office which is my coverted garage outside and notably cooler when I am not working. It’s given me something to do tomorrow, pull it apart and reflash.