Two questions - Automation support and Trinnov?


Wondering if you have plans or if there is support for home automation providers. In this instance, I am asking about RTI support.

Thank you

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Could you explain more about Automation and Trinnov?

If it sounds appealing then you’d convince the rest of the crowd and then Roon developers would be more excited to support you (and the rest of us who may or may not want this feature).

I never finished the question. Really, there are two parts. The first is: Are there plans for automation support from the liked of RTI and or Crestron? Having the volume control is great, but would be great if one could get total control via the automation systems?

The second is, can we get Trinnov support? Their hardware has network connections and the backbone to support being a Roon endpoint, but they are focused on the other side of things. I would be pretty great if one could get their Trinnov to be an endpoint. Technically, a Trinnov could run ROON, as its a PC inside the case, though I suspect there is little chance they will allow that to happen.


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Hi @Yetis,

Thanks for your questions.

Automation support is absolutely on our roadmap, but I don’t have any specifics or timelines to announce at this time.

From what I can tell, it looks like they only support UPnP right now, but we will look into what’s possible here. They definitely seem like a good candidate for a RoonSpeakers integration.

If that integration is important, feel free to let Trinnov know as well!

I know this is an old thread, but Im keen to know about control system integration in general, and RTI and Elan g! in special

Hi @Yetis,

Looks like the AV Gods have granted your wishes … [Trinnov Adds Roon Support to Pre/Pros]

So the next question, @Brian, is when will Roon support multichannel audio?

It is in our plans/roadmap as a relatively near-term thing. It will happen, but I know better than to guess release dates in public :slight_smile:

Good to know (if not me someone else would have asked) … I didn’t expect a date, fully understand.

Check out the recent release of Nucleus / Nucleus+ supported Control4 and Crestron modules.