Two questions : Play now on artist does not play local / Tidal tracks always have issues playing

Roon Core Machine

intel nuc - i7, 16gb ram

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wired, 1gb down

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Naim NDX2

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Description of Issue

Hello, as the titles states i have two main issues. When trying to listen to radiohead i click “play now” on the artist and it plays steaming tracks and not local tracks. To listen to local i have to go into specific albums and pick the library album. local are higher res.

While listening to Radiohead
Tidal seems Very faulty with roon. Seems “tracks are missing or cannot be played” happens often. Regardless of having qobuz (which is higher bit than tidal) or just using local library tracks.

It seems like Roon picks tidal over qobuz or local regardless if the bit rate is lower? I could be doing something very wrong or have settings not set up correctly. If that is true please let me know, i am quite new to roon. thanks!

This is correct behaviour; Play Now plays music from this artist.

Roon doesn’t consider streaming services, bit depth, or sample rate when selecting a track. From time-to-time, both streaming services adjust their catalogue, which results in tracks and releases becoming unavailable.

1, is there is anyone way i can have it play a shuffle of my local radiohead albums?

2, ah ok, kinda weird but if thats how it works. Thanks.

In Settings > Play actions set up the extra option Shuffle for Composers and Artists.

That should do what you want.

Edit. Ahh, not quite - that “library” only, not “local”

There are a few ways. This is what I would do.

  • Click Bookmarks and click a previously saved bookmark called My CD Collection, which eliminates streaming services from My Albums view. Then I’d type “Radiohead” in the filter and click on Play now drop-down and select Shuffle.

Ah bummer ok. I wish it would include library. Does not really make sense why it would not? but if thats just how it is at the moment.

@Martin_Webster 's way will work.

hum, ok i will look into this thanks.

To be honest its kind of a let down for the price of the software that i have to do it this way to shuffle albums of a artist thats stored locally.

maybe im just an idiot but i could not figure it out with bookmarks, but tagging worked as im allowed to shuffle the tag.

Your library includes releases added locally and on streaming services; Roon integrates these, which is a unique feature. Bookmarks help you to cut your library however you like, e.g., local, Qobuz, format, release decade, label etc., and a really straightforward: they simply store the current view using a term you understand.

Experiment in My Albums and use Focus to change the view. Then create some bookmarks. Once you’ve got the idea, they’re just as easy to delete.

gotcha i will play with it more. I guess the dream would be to hit play now and it plays every album they have steaming + my library albums. I will play with bookmarks and my albums. im sure there are things im just not understanding. thx

hum now when playing radiohead it plays my local stuff and streams the stuff i dont have… i must just be an idiot? i swear it never has the past week…

When you say “my library” do you mean your local CD-Rips or digital downloads? Or do you mean very album you’ve added to Roon, i.e., local media and streaming media? The Play now button on the artist page will do the latter.

If you want to play all of their main releases, use shift-right-click on the last album to select them all, and then click Play now or add them to a playlist from the ellipsis.

i was running into the issue where i would click play now on the artist thinking it would play my local 8 albums in the shuffle as well as the others i dont have (to be streamed). The past week it has been just playing only streaming and not local. I might not have explained that correctly. Im not the most techy person in the world. NOW it seems to be doing exactly what i want. I think going to play actions, and changing it to one play shuffle might have fixed that.

You’ve probably worked this out now, so apologies, but just to be clear…

  1. Play now will play tracks from library and streaming services including songs you’ve never added
  2. Start radio will play artists similar to the artist
  3. Shuffle will play tracks from your library - that will be local songs and those you have explicitly added from the streaming service.

(Note the last option will be shuffling at track level, not album.)


When i do this, it only plays streaming tracks, even if i have those tracks locally. if i hit shuffle it only plays the albums i have. Is there a setting i need to flick or change? So i can listen to local albums in place of streaming and then stream albums i dont have?

It does play local tracks, but if you look at your artist’s discography, then that is the multitude of tracks that Roon selects from in “Play now”. There could easily be duplicate tracks in that list for popular artists. Also some albums may appear twice if they are different in some way, e.g. different lengths because of a bonus release.

I don’t believe it checks to see if tracks on such albums are duplicates of tracks in your local library.

thanks for all the replies. Hum, i skipped 60+ tracks not a single local track played.
Play now - streaming. Shuffle - Local

It seems like maybe there is a categorizing issue? top is discography

bottom is when i click library next to focus.

That doesn’t look right.

Is there a little library icon you can select?

What does that do?

If you select one of the discography albums, do you see a versions tab? What does it show?

if i select that icon, it shows me ONLY local.

If i click into an album then version i ONLY get this. As you can see i have it playing locally.

But if i click the library icon, and click the album / version i get this.

Isn’t this because you have multiple copies of those albums (qobuz one,Tidal one and a library one) but none of them are grouped.

There isn’t a primary copy assigned so its just playing all of them and because you have two copies (streaming) to every one library copy that’s what its playing more often?

Seems “set as primary” is greyed out for me. Sorry for the odd screen shot.
Screenshot 2022-02-10 113615