Two Rocks Windows confusion

I run two ROCK systems on my network, one is the core, the other a lowly endpoint. However Windows 10 will only will see one device at a time in windows explorer when I want to copy music or move a ripped file. Sometimes it wil be the core but most times its my endpoint. Is there anyway around this annoyance to prioritsie one over the other? I can use its ip address , but ideally I would like to be able to reliably click on the icon and go to it the folders. As there seems no way to change the devices network name I guess I am stuck and windows just sees the first on it finds?

Hi did you setup both ROCKs independently or clone one from the other? I’m thinking they both might have the same RAAT ID.

Independantly, not sure what the RAAT id has to do with Windows Explorer not seeing one over the other. I thnk you have the wrong end of the stick as to what my issue is. Perhaps I worded badly will edit it.

Sorry, yep I misunderstood … thanks for extra info now it’s clear to me.

Let’s see what Roon @support come back with on changing the device’s network name.

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Try: Turn the endpoint off when you want to copy music, should force Windows to find the one left on the network. That should last until you reboot the Windows machine, I think. Reminds me of the old master browser issues.

Hi @CrystalGipsy,

There is no way to change the host name for ROCK, but you can connect via IP address or you can set it up as a mapped network drive (the IP connection that is).

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