Two Roon Core synchronized

As a Roon user,
I want a Roon core running at home with the hifi
And a Roon core on my Mac at my office with my headfi
And the two Roon cores must be synchronized
So that I can use Roon and discover music when I am at home and in the office.
And I don’t have to setup my MacBook as server when I get home.


I assume the synchronization is for Tidal music.

Yeah. That should be plenty. I haven’t added a file since I started using Tidal.

@Rugby’s idea is great. If you add TIDAL music to your library in Roon, both Cores should stay in sync. It’s not realtime, but the syncing up with TIDAL happens periodically.

I would love to see this feature added to Roon. I now have the Roon core on a Nucleus and Dell XPS 15 laptop. I use the laptop Roon core when traveling.

The sync would not have to be cloud based. I would simply like the ability to sync my laptop core with my Nucleus core when at home connected to my network. It could be automatic or on-demand.

In the absence of a sync function, I will back up my Nucleus core to a USB drive and then restore that to my laptop. I’m just a little leery of this because my laptop core works so well, I don’t want to screw it up.

Specifically, I’m requesting a sync of the Tidal and Qobuz albums and associated date, etc.

As a matter of fact, as I type this, I don’t think I will do a core restore on my laptop because I have no confidence it won’t cause changes that will not work correctly on my laptop as opposed to the Nucleus.

Hi. I’m new to this, just jointed. Why can’t the personal radio station lists synchronise between my mobile Macbook core and my home NAS cores? This should be easy to do. Very annoying when I’ve set up my radio list on the Mac when away and then come home and find it’s not there on my NAS core.

Adding my voice to this as recommended.

What I am specifically hoping for is to have cores in 2 locations, with a licence at each location of course, and have the databases synchronised.

You would not need two licenses unless you wanted to use both cores simultaneously. Otherwise, we just need a way to sync the two cores without doing a backup and restore. The last time I did that, my laptop had a problem and I ended up having to do a total reinstall on the laptop.

That is fine and what I intended, having both cores in use at the same time, by different parts of our geographically dispersed family.

The reason is that the accumulated library has so many edits within Roon to make it work well, that doing the same edits separately for each location is beyond contemplation. It is already far more painful than it should be to do them just once.

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Likewise adding to this… from a user perspective it would be nice to have a series of tick boxes within the settings tab to select which content type you would like mirrored between selected cores on your account… yes?


I would like to see this feature as well.

I have a Home Core which I listen to while at home, and a Mobile Core on my work computer that I use at work and while traveling.

I simply want to be able to share my streaming playlists from one core to the other. I have the same streaming accounts on both cores (Tidal and Qobuz) so they should be able to synchronize just fine. I can keep my locally saved files on dedicated cores, I just want to be able to share the same streaming playlists between the two cores.

I think this should be possible for both Tidal and Qobuz playlists.

Use the Tidal or the Qobuz apps to create your playlist first, and then make it a favourite in the app, it will then appear as a favourited playlist in both Roon Cores.

This certainly works for me for Qobuz (I don’t use Tidal).


I have a Nucleus setup with storage on a Synology NAS. Has anyone successfully tried using Synology Driver Server to sync multiple NAS devices for files on multiple Roon servers?

I would like to have the same library at home and our vacation home.

I appreciate this does not solve syncing the Roon / Tidal but would at least get all the files together.


I have a Synology in one location and a QNAP in another. The QNAP is the master. I sync it one way (to, not from, my Amazon Cloud account, and then sync one way to (not from) the Synology. The jobs are both set to run upon changes to the QNAP/Synology, respectively. Voila-exact duplicate libraries. I can look up the sync utilities if you like, but there are many for syncing to cloud accounts.

Hi. Am I would also find the ability to sync my library settings, playlists, tags, etc across two Roon cores in separate locations.