Two roon cores, one account

I have two roon cores in two different households and one roon account. (Innous Zen Mk3 and a Innuos Zen Mini Mk.3) So far logging into each core one at a time works okay. I know I cannot log into both cores at the same time using the same account. Since this is becoming problematic, I wanted to create a new roon account to use on the Zen mini. When I log into the Zen mini with this new account there is no music content. It does not ‘see’ the music I had under the original account. Is there a way to inherit this content from the other account? Do I need to reload the entire library?

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You can actually do that, you just have to buy a second license for your account.

The Roon database is tied to the account it was created under. So, with a new account, you have to start all over, you can also not use backups from the other account. If this is not what you want, buy a second license for your first account instead.

AFAIK, even if you have two licenses for the same account, they don’t share databases. I guess you could back up the database from core 1 and restore it on core 2, but as soon as you use core 1 or core 2, the two databases will diverge. There’s a long-standing feature request for cross-core database sync, but I don’t know if it will ever happen. I’d love it, because currently I’m reduced to carrying my core physically between two locations so that I have a single representation of my listening history and preferences.

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I have two licenses.

The two cores share a Qobuz account, so anything I add via Qobuz gets added to the other.

I run software to sync local content (I have another computer that holds the master copy of my content), so new content arrives fine on both cores.

What doesn’t sync is playlists, last played etc.

For me it all works pretty well. I occasionally trash my second server, restore the database for my primary server, and the fix up the endpoints, backups etc that are incorrect after a restore.

How well it will work for you depends on how many edits you make, and how much you use playlists.

The two licenses you have, are they on one roon account or do you have two separate roon accounts? I will eventually get a qobuz account so it’s good that one can be shared.

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either works… if you want 2 on the same account, contact our accounts support at: Contact us - Roon Labs

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Mine are two licenses on the same roon account.

If I try to add use a third core, roon shows the two that are live - and let’s me choose which one I want to log off.

Thanks a lot. Next I’ll be trying a Innuos backup and restore to my Innuos mini.

Any backup / restore is fine for the media files.

But take care in dealing with the Roon database.

For obvious reasons only do restores via roon.

In any case because it contains the endpoint names etc it probably doesn’t make sense to restore to a different core except on an occasional basis.

As far as INNUOS devices, I was successful in doing a full backup on my primary Zen and restoring that to my ZenMini. This is using innuos backup/restore, not roon. Logging into roon on my Zenmini shows everything there. Whew!
Next I’m getting another license added to my roon account since I need to operate both cores simultaneously.

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