Two Roon Licences - Playlist Import query from one Roon to another Roon

Hi - I have two lifetime subscriptions at two locations. Is there anyway I can import (rather share) my playlist on one license to another one without going through a dropbox storage solution? I noticed that I can share the playlist (an icon reflecting that turns up against my playlist which includes Tidal and my Hi Res music) - I have Tidal and the same music in the other location - I am wondering if there is a way to access the playlists that I wish to share on my second Roon licence which is in a different location. Both Licenses are owned by me with different emails. Thanks in advance for any advice

Hey @Rash,

You can Export the playlist, but this will only export local media. Currently there is no option to fully export/share playlists with TIDAL content in Roon.


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Thanks for prompt reply / it enables me to create a new playlists that suits my other location, like rediscovering music and avoiding the “rut” of playing the same old playlists- also enhances my experience of listening to music whilst I sit back enjoy some good wine and cheese!

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