Two routers on one switch and a modem

Hello Forum!

I have the following setup: A Modem for my DSL that is connected to a Netgear switch.
On this switch I attach two Fritz Box WLAN Routers with a cable, the two routers are 50m apart.

Both routers have Internet connections but I cannot connect to my roon core, a Macmini that is connected to one of the Fritz Boxes. Also I cannot find the mac or a printer that is connected to the other network. Any ideas how to connect the downstairs computer to the upstairs computer?

You should never have more than one router on a home network. It sounds like your likely running multiple networks which none of them are talking to each other. I think you need to clearly define what each each device is.

Are you sure these are routers and not just wireless access points? Only onr router should be connected directly after you modem, if the modem is just providing internet and is itself just a modem and not a combined modem/router as it manages all devices in the network and assigns them different up addresses etc. You would then connect switch to one to one of its ports and run wlan acces points from them. If you have two routers this is not going to work unless you can configure one to be in access point mode only.

I think you may benefit from reading up on how networks work or get someone in to assist you.

Hi Alex. You should be able to disable DHCP on one of the routers. That should slave that router to the one still active in order to acquire IP addresses and hopefully ensure it is all on one subnet.