Two servers on one PC, merge core metadata databases?

Hi. New user here.

I installed the full Windows package (control, core, output) on PC “A” and imported a folder and worked with it quite a bit. I then tried to run it while using remote desktop from another PC “B”. Unfortunately, roon will not run over RDP because the graphics device presented to the remote machine A by RDP does not support OpenGL. So I installed Roon Server on A, started it up, and ran Roon Remote (control) on B.

To my surprise, Roon Server did not access the same core metadata database as the full windows package an A. Now I have two servers running on one machine A! Each program (service and all-in-one) appears to have its own core metadata database, one in “C:\Users\eric\AppData\Local\Roon” and the other in “C:\Users\eric\AppData\Local\Roon Server”.

How can I merge these two databases. I was expecting to be able to import one database’s backup into the other’s database. I found nothing in the documentation regarding this.

As an aside, can one change the names of these database directories to enable a sort of multiple database scenario for using Roon? For example, I could load one set of music folders into the server folder, stop the server, rename the Roon Server folder to “Roon Server (database 1)”, restart roon server, get a clean/empty database, load another set of music folders, rename, and rename the first back to Roon Server when I wanted to access it.


  • Eric

In our Knowledge Base you can definitely find an explanation of the DB migration process. Here is the article -

Let us know if you have any questions.


This instructs me to rename the Roon folder to “Roon Server” before installing Roon Server, presumable so Roon Server will use the old database. While it’s interesting and helpful that these directories can be renamed and the app (full or server) will still run, it does not provide instructions for merging the two databases. Do you have any information about merging two databases?


  • Eric

It is impossible to merge two databases, you can either use one or another. Basing on your explanation the database you need for real is located here - C:\Users\eric\AppData\Local\Roon. Since you already installed RoonServer you can do the following:

  1. Terminate both apps - Roon and RoonServer
  2. Go to RoonServer folder and remove all folders except the ‘Application’ folder
  3. Go to Roon folder and copy all the folders except the ‘Application’ folder
  4. Paste recently copied folders into RoonServer folder
  5. Launch RoonServer
  6. Connect to the RoonServer from the Roon remote

After those steps you should get the DB you need on the RoonServer. If you also want to save the DB which was used by RoonServer - instead of removing folders in step#2 place them somewhere outside of RoonServer folder.

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