Two simple questions - Two simple answers please!

  1. Where is the 1.3 update link

  2. Why can’t I listen my MQA Tidal albums with MQA rates?

Thank you so much!


  1. Roon 1.3 will be released later today. When it is released every Roon Control will show an update window as with other releases. Take a backup of your database and hit “Update All”. Upon release the download servers will be updated to 1.3 also for fresh installations.

  2. To unfold MQA you need either a software or hardware (DAC) decoder. The Tidal Desktop app (outsideof Roon) is a software decoder and unfolds to 96kHz/24 bit. Hardware decoders can fully unfold MQA to higher res.

Roon does not yet have a software MQA decoder implemented, but will be getting one at a yet to be announced time after initial release of 1.3.


Ok, now a third: How can I remove or edit all the new processes with 1.3 version? As you can see, there’s “Bit dept conversions” and “Crossfade” in the path. Were is the control panel for those.

Thank you

Here’s how you get to the crossfade settings:

I’m pretty sure that when you turn off crossfade, the bit-depth conversions will go away.

(Interesting that in 1.3, crossfade appears to no longer be lossy.)

I already been to this place (Zone Picker), but I can’t find it anymore :frowning:

Ok found it and no more Bit conversions… Thank you !